Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Rules of Wearing a Suit (What Every Well-Dressed Man Should Know)

I was hunting this link down the other day, then found it in my bookmarks (I hide things in such obvious places sometimes)!

This is an excellent guide for the gentleman or wanna-be gentleman, who is looking for advice on how best to wear a suit.

27 Unspoken Suit Rules Every Man Should Know: Suiting 101

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Hannush, Drew Hannush

Getting the Boss look
As I get ready for a Saturday night out, I am reminded of a day when I was 5 years old and begged my mother for a three-piece suit.

Times have changed and for most of my life I have owned a single inexpensive suit.  For someone who loves to get dressed up in ties, that may seem astonishing, but finally, this year I treated myself to a Hugo Boss experience.  Yes, all that James Bond watching finally caught up with me.

The funny part of it is that I thought I knew how to wear a suit until I bought a really nice one.  Now I'm finding all sorts of advice on how you should wear your finely tailored suit...

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Skylar Gray

The first time I saw her was on the Guitar Center Sessions.  No rap involved there, so I got to enjoy her singing and playing solo.  But Skylar (or should I say Holly Brook...which is her real name and the one on the first CD I bought by her) worked with Eminem on the album and so we get a nonsensical rap in the middle of the song.  I wouldn't have minded the rap if it fit more...just sounds like rambling.  But the rest of the song is very cool.  Her vocals are spot on.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Why I Wrote An Album (and the little surprise that came with it)

Was it a midlife crisis?  Was it the fulfillment of a childhood fantasy?  Was it a diversion from some difficult life changes?

Yes, I'd say a little of each.

One thing was for sure.  I went farther with it than I really thought I would.

Welcome to my new blog

It only took me 15 years!

Many people know me as Drew, the web designer.  Actually, I'm more Drew, the small business owner now.  Gone are the days of coding and designing for hours without a care (except for if I'd have enough checks come in to pay the rent)!

I'll do my best to keep the conversation here light and entertaining.  After all, there are enough other things "wrong" in the world.  This will be a place to sit back a bit and talk about things I love and that I'm interested in.

I hope you enjoy!